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TV Series Entourage’s Producer To Produce First-Ever Cryptocurrency-Based TV Show

Hold On for Dear Life (HODL) has become the earliest scripted TV show related to digital assets. Rob Weiss, Entourage’s (a well-known TV series) executive producer, will direct the show.

Virtual assets enter the industry of television

A recent report stated that the modern culture of cryptocurrency would be targeted as the theme of the newly introduced TV show. The things being focused on in this series will be Ethereum or Bitcoin; however, the NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the distinctive digital assets representing a virtual item’s ownership. The show’s plot revolves around the life of a tech founder known as Mel. She introduces an NFT named Aveer (which is her best friend’s name who has gone). In the first ten episodes of the show, Mel undergoes a lot of complications, including strange friends as well as centralized powers; however, she must fight such hindrances to reach her companion.

‘HODL’ is also to be the earliest show the net earnings of which will be tokenized via its unique FDL (For Dear Life) token. Focusing it closely, the capital letters of the series name are HODL which is among the most common strategies across the crypto space boosting the investors to save their holdings of digital assets rather than selling them impulsively.

Moreover, the director and producer of the series is a prominent name within the entire industry, Rob Weiss. He is the American being nominated for three Emmy awards because of producing Entourage (a comedy-drama-based TV show). He is also popular for producing, directing, and writing Ballers (having Dwayne Johnson as well as David john Washington as stars). He stated that when he read the plot of HODL, he seemed to be entering a unique, fresh world where an entirely new language of money was spoken by the characters. He added that the crypto world is quickly evolving, and the HODL will at the same time entertain and illuminate the audience.

A movie relating to the GameStop

It was reported back in February that the billionaires Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron thought about shaking hands with MGM (a prominent studio in Hollywood) to produce a movie regarding the GameStop stocks mania. The plot would describe the story of WallStreetsBets (a subreddit group) who went against the huge Wall Street hedge funds. The plan was to include Ben Mezrich (the best-selling author of the New York Times), whose writing “The Antisocial Network” would serve as the movie’s main script.

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