Welcome To The New Age. Welcome to DASH

DASH had a clear purpose in mind when it was created, solving the inherent problems Bitcoin possess by speeding transactions, increasing privacy, and creating an entirely decentralised governing system. With DASH all your payments are untraceable, and your transactions and balances are only for you to view. The level of anonymisation you DASH offers is unrivalled, and that is something no other cryptocurrency offers.

This is DASH

The crypto coin takes the power of the blockchain’s Masternode to provide instantaneous transactions thanks to InstantX. This technology allows transactions to be sent, in full, within four seconds. It is a great option that must be used whenever it is possible. While the InstantX system is optional, it does not compromises the security of the network. The DASH blockchain allows for the security to remain constant regardless of how much stress is put into the system.

The coin also offers something that only a handful of the other major cryptocurrency offers, that is the ability to have a prepaid card thanks to SpectroCoin. This VISA prepaid card is accepted everywhere where VISA and Mastercard are accepted. It will never run out of funds because it is connected to your SpectroCoin wallet, and can switch between Euros, British Pounds or US dollars.

Obey your master

DASH blockchain depends on Masternodes to function. In a nutshell, the nodes provide the necessary infrastructure that the DASH Network needs to operate at the levels it manages to perform. Bitcoin famously has a single-tier network. DASH, however, has a double-tier system. It is this second tier where Masternodes allow for the security and decentralised governance of the coin to happen.

Moreover, these nodes cannot be run by everyone. To run a Masternode, you must prove that you own 1000 DSH. That way the system prevent itself from Sybil attacks. In return for running one of those nodes, you are rewarded with coins. According to DASH website, 45% of block rewards go to Masternodes. So in one year, a person can potentially make 150 DSH just from running one of those nodes.

The technicals of it all

All this level of privacy and speed has resulted in some remarkable data points that are worth sharing. First of all, DASH (DSH) market cap is around the $1.4 billion as of this writing. That makes the cryptocurrency the seventh most valuable coin according to Coinmarketcap. That is a remarkable statement. But it does not stop there. The volume traded in a 24 hours period, on average, is around $26 million to $22 million.

Because of all of these, the DASH trades in most exchanges, Poloniex, Kraken, BitTrex, Hitbtcm and several others. So access to the coin is not too hard. All that is needed is a wallet, some fiat currency to exchange into DASH and then accessing one of the exchanges where the coin trades.

DASH price and volatility are pretty remarkable as well. Unlike most altcoins, this crypto coin has kept a steady growth. DASH is the coin you should be looking to invest if you want to maximize your ROI. The coin is solid, has a great blockchain, and a level of protection that Bitcoin can only dream. Welcome to the future. Welcome to DASH.

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