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Former British Politician Godfrey Bloom Made First Bitcoin (BTC) Purchase This Week

The Former British Politician Godfrey Bloom who has served for Yorkshire and the Humber as Member of the European Parliament from 2004 – 2014 has now turned to Bitcoin the largest decentralized digital currency in the world. He said in a recent tweet that he has made the first purchase of Bitcoin (BTC) this week.

Godfrey Bloom was the one who called the banking system a scam back in the year 2013 in a European Parliament meeting. At that time, he said, “You do not understand banking. All the banks are broke.” Now several years after he tagged global banking industry as a scam, the ex-British Member of the European Parliament (MEP) has made his move into the major digital currency Bitcoin and has made the first purchase of Bitcoin this week. He said in a tweet on Thursday, “I make my first purchases of bitcoin this week. Gold & silver have I plenty.”

He did not hold any Bitcoin earlier when he mentioned his portfolio in a tweet. He said that out of his total portfolio, 65 percent is available in Gold, 8 percent is in silver, while the rest of it is present in real estate. He said:

“I have for decades spoken out against political currencies (fiat) & criminal central bankers. My portfolio is now 65% gold, 8% silver, the balance real estate My reputation is built on expertise, I must confer with experts on crypto for public debate.”

However, now he has included the leading digital currency Bitcoin as well in his portfolio by making this week his first purchase of BTC.

Godfrey Bloom said that he is developing his interest in cryptocurrencies and that he has started learning more about digital currencies. For knowing more about cryptocurrencies, he invited recently some cryptocurrency leaders and speakers on his YouTube channel for an interview. He said in a statement, “I am open & looking for interviews for some top crypto people to teach a 70-year old (me!) about crypto.”

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