Solid Marketz Review – Is It a Good Broker?

Solid Marketz Review

Solid MarketzAs there are so many options for brokers available in the market, I personally consider this a challenge for a new trader to select a good broker. Trading industry is full of scams, fake brokers, etc. making it hard for new traders to survive. However, it is possible for new traders to select a broker that can really help them throughout their journey.

There are very basic things to consider for choosing a broker that will boost your trading career. You need to consider various features that I feel are important to have in every good broker. With good broker I mean those brokers who provide their traders all the possible benefits and keep them secure. It is a responsibility of Below I have mentioned some of the features that are compulsory to check in a broker before choosing:

1.       Trading Platforms

The most important and the initial stage for starting to trade is to select the trading platform. However, I believe that every broker in the start has some bad experience while choosing the trader. There are thousands of brokers in the market. After so much experience I found out that the success and failure of a broker depends on the platform they are choosing.

As the technology is advancing rapidly, we came to introduce various ways to operate our systems. We can use our Smartphones which were never used in traditional trading. However, advanced trading has changed the world. However, Solid Marketz and many other popular trading platforms uses Meta Trader is used. In the financial market MT4 is multi asset, quick and convenient platform for trading. With the trading platform of MT4 you can use various devices to operate your trading account.

The MT4 has said that they contain an intuitive interface which is suitable for new and untrained traders. The real-time digest of their bank account and as well the account statement that are given to traders daily are some benefits of MT4. The ability of supporting many languages has made MT4 a popular option for traders. 

The MT4 three platform option which are separate are included in the Solid Marketz. The first option of trading is Desktop. This desktop application can be downloaded by trader with in a few minutes. The version of desktop offer a large variety of advanced charts and technical indicators that will be very helpful for traders in making their decision for future investments.

The other platform for trading is Web Trading which is offered and is presented by MT4. To use this option you do not need to download any application. You just require a stable connection and an enabled-internet device. The Web trading platform is simple to use so this system is ideal for new traders. The Web also offer both expert and new trader an easy way to access various trading tools.   

MT4 has a mobile version which allows Android and IOS users to enable their device to allow them to download app from their personal stores of application. The version for mobile makes trading easy and flexible and you can trade with your favorite assets on the go.

Solid Marketz MT4

2.       Registration Process

It can take many days to approve your account if you will register with a broker without conforming about their registration process.  It will be very annoying for the traders who do not wish for price or trends society.  They also have many requirement that you will have to fulfill other vise it will be very late to approve the account that can copy all the process. The broker is alert that every moment can show the way to miss opportunities for trading and that’s why they have kept the process of registration very instantly.

If you have to sign with the broker you have to give them some basic information, for instance, you have to choose your account currencies, and to secure password, last name and full name. When you have given these details to the broker, then you can move in next step because you are already registered with the broker on submitting your data. You won’t need to wait for your approval but when you will make a withdrawal or deposit that is more likely to be verified.

3.       Security

I have seen that the people think about a hundred of times before they start trading and the reason is that they are afraid of money laundering and that is why they check the security. You don’t want to trade on that platform which do not check whether your money is safe or not and neither do I want that type of platform. Trading with Solid Marketz is serious for customer’s funds and give high level of security. For security they use 256 bit encryption and make ensures that the data is only being transferred to the trader. For visa transaction they use 3D security. They open a separate account to transfer the funds from the traders and they also have separate account for the activities of the trader, to make this sure that the money is not getting mixed up or combined.

4.       Asset Range

The second thing that the people see before depositing or investing is the asset range and how the range of the asset is the broker offering. I know that some of the people want to deal in FX, bonds, or stocks and they also want to deal in crypto currency. I think that the people would love to have more options for trading and that they have a huge range of commodities, assets, and indices and the person have to choose from variety of options to trade. It is your choice, you can trade in exotic pairings, fiat currencies, and crypto currencies. I can say that you can fulfill your wish for trading in almost every asset you want in only one platform. Solid Marketz also offers other crypto currencies are the options given to the traders are Ethereum, lit coin, bit coin, and many more. The Solid Marketz also provides the trader tether, EOS, and Stellar. If you are a trader than you must know that it is very few of the brokers will offer you crypto currency. In addition, if you want the platform you will have to choose from 2 various currencies pairing, then you will be offered to trade in assets and the other one will be to trade in digital currencies the choice will be up to you.

5.       Multiple Trading Accounts

I believe that trading is for all types of expertise. For that you should go for a broker who is offering various account options for different expertise of the brokers. It will give you the allowance to withdrawal of your money and it will also increase the investment of your capital. There are three types of accounts to sign in with Solid Marketz, which the traders will need to choose after signing up. Each one of them have their own features and they are particularly unique.

●        Experts

As you may know that the Expert account is the last tier of account on the Solid Marketz which you can choose on this platform if you have an extensive experience of trading. After reading the account name you can understand that the expert accounts are for those who are experienced in trading. The one who uses the expert account are allowed to use different types of features on the website and the advanced tools. If you are hoping to open an expert account with Solid Marketz than first you must invest $20,000 on the platform. I must tell you that the expert account gives you unlimited meetings with the experts of the industry. However, if you compare the advanced account only offers three meeting with the experts of the industry. From the experts you can learn how to trade perfectly. One of the best features of the expert account is that you may be able to enter the trading room and can see the trading live.

●        Advanced

This is the second option that a broker can choose from which is referred as the account that is advanced. It has a particular option for many traders with experience of trading market so they have now understanding that the essential concepts are aborted. There are now outs and ins but they can also use a more advanced tool. If you want to open this account minimum amount $5000 will be required from the traders.

They are going to get access to everything that is available in the accounts of bridge beginners with along something extra. Choose an account that is dedicated to the manager which will help you in your trading and will manage their trades.

You are going to get a one-on-one live session with trading professionals who are going to give you information and valuable insights. You are only going to get three sessions. Then you will get the access to the online academy of the Wise Caps website and it has important training that is going to educate you so you can improve. They are going to provide videos that are immensely helpful. Since last year they are providing their traders with advanced option of using the IAS for only 3 months. This is a bot which automates trading that is going to help you and trade on your behalf.

●        Beginner

The first option of the account given by the Solid Marketz is named as the beginner account. The name indicates what type of features you will be getting with this option. The minimum deposit date is required for opening account is $250. This option is for new traders so they can afford and it is simple to accessible with best trading tools you can get.

6.       Funds Withdrawal

I found many brokers complain about withdrawal process of their broker which is making them hard to trade. Many broker has a platform that is so complicated that they were unable to withdraw any funds that they were willing to withdraw. Along with that the procedure that was provided to them by their broker too long or it is very annoying. This is not a problem that you are going to be stuck with when you are trading with Solid Marketz. Because their processes are extremely straightforward and you just need to click on the button to withdraw funds and then fill out the account number and amount that you want to be get withdrawn. Then the email of confirmation will be send and the transaction will be moved on. If you are depending on the method of withdrawal it will probably going to take between 5 to 10 business days to complete.

7.       Customer Support

Another aspect of the Solid Marketz that I found interesting is that there is great help available in the term of the customer support and care. A good broker will always going to understand that the customers are going to need help on any stage and what issues they are having in common while they are using the platform. This way they will be able to help their clients as quick as possible. The agents at the Solid Marketz customer service team are quick to respond because they have access to respond via phone number, email and through contact number which is available on the form and they will help you resolve any problem and any question as soon as possible.

The customer support of the Solid Marketz is good just like other top brokers and they give time for helping the trader with their problems, the team is competent and experienced. These team members are very qualified, experienced, and skilled and they know how to deal with the problems for the traders in a perfect manner. In additions these people have been trained in the forex and that is why they know how to treat their client in a well behaving manner.


I believe that when we are looking for a good broker, we should choose a broker that bring peace of mind and lead us to success. Furthermore we want a software that is dedicated for your expertise. This way you will be able to trade at your full potential. Solid Marketz offers all these criteria.

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