BidFX Has Launched Desktop FX Trading App Powered By OpenFin

The top cloud-based provider of electronic foreign exchange trading solutions BidFX has rolled out desktop-installed forex (FX) trading application on the operating system OpenFin. As per the official blog post of BidFX that was published recently, the introduction of the desktop-installed web app for forex trading is a significant addition to the existing wide range of product offerings of the company. The FX desktop trading app has been released after noticing a significant increase in the demand for flexible trading apps.

The company has taken this initiative at the time when traders from across the whole world, particularly those who work remotely, increasingly want to trade securely from anywhere they want.

As per the official blog post, the newly-launched desktop-installed web app supports “the layout of window-based components that interoperate securely and seamlessly across a trader’s multi-screen workstation.”

Commenting on this, the Chief Executive officer (CEO) of BidFX Jean-Philippe Malé said in a statement that the modern cloud technology offers a great deal of flexibility. Malé stated:

“The latest web and cloud technology offers improved flexibility over traditional fat-client applications when developing world-class user interfaces, resulting in faster time to market for new features. Alongside this the market is now asking for that extra layer of development and functional maturity that continues to build confidence in trading over the cloud.”

Adding more to it, he said that the main mission of BidFX is to become a leader of technological advancements in the world of forex trading. He asserted:

“BidFX’s history and vision is built upon being a leader in technological advancements in the FX electronic trading world. Building on OpenFin enables us to continue to invest in creating a rich multi-window FX trading experience that combines the best attributes of the desktop and web applications.”

For launching its FX desktop trading application, the company has chosen the most secure platform of OpenFin. In this way, it will easily be able to address the concerns of institutional traders and investors regarding the security and compatibility, the company said in the blog post.

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